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Principles of Performing Arts Education in Online, Blended, and Face-to-Face Environments [MUSC 245]

MUSC 245/3.0


Course Description: This course will examine principles of arts education (e.g., establishing a positive learning environment, universal design, instructional and assessment methods, engaging with families and communities, curricula) and discuss and develop ways to apply these principles in various learning environments and modes of instruction.  Benefits and constraints of online, blended and face-to-face instruction will also be explored. 

Remote learning:The material in this class will be delivered primarily through asynchronous learning activities that will be organized in modules. There will be a one-hour synchronous session that will interact with the professor to expand on the key concepts and address questions/concerns. No final exam. 

Prerequisites:at least 2ndyear standing. You do not require a formal music or arts background, but basic knowledge in at least one performing art (music, dance or drama) is recommended.  

Instructor: Julia Brook

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