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Theatre History and Literature 2 [DRAM 300]

DRAM 300/6.0                    


Drama 300: Drama, Theatre and Performance in the 20thand 21stcenturies: modes of making live and immediate

Instructor: Natalie Rewa 
Note from instructor: 
I am developing an approach that will bring students into discussion and the technology will allow us to maintain the whiteboard collaborations.  There will also be opportunities to work in small groups and experiment with different modes of learning. 

The struggles over the meanings of the past are important because they are ultimately about how we use these memories as a path to the future we want to make.”

                                                                            Honor Ford Smith (Sistren Theatre) 

Our study will investigate the history of creating experiences for audiences and spectators since the end of the nineteenth century. Selected topics will probe how the experience of liveness and immediacy has been and is negotiated in changing cultural landscapes; we will study strategies of dramatic and theatrical storytelling in relation to a sense of identity, reseting social behaviours and norms using theatrical technologies and practices. We will study examples of drama, theatre and performance with an eye to the cultural contribution to be made for by us for the futurity of theatre.  

For Fall 2020 Remote Delivery 

In the fall term one hour per week will be a “live” class via Zoom for discussion of selected topics. All course content will be posted on onQ and available through ereserve through the Queen’s Library portal for asynchronous delivery.  Weekly assignments for the course will consist of practical exercises, or written reponses to the examples provided on the course site on onQ.  These are to be completed and posted to onQ before the one hour session for that week.  A composite of separate journal reflections of individual learning, to be posted weekly, after the synchronous session will become the matter of the final exam. There will be no separate final exam in the exam period. Additional time on Zoom or Teams will be scheduled as necessary.

In the winter term we will maintain a comparable rythym in our class meetings with adjustments as necessary. 

LEARNING HOURS:  252 (24L;24S;24G;60O;120P)

PREREQUISITE:  Level 3 or above.


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