Queen's University

Theory and Analysis 2A [MUSC 292]

MUSC 292/3.0


This course, continuing off MUSC 191, will teach students the fundamentals of chromatic harmony and advanced musical forms.  Focusing principally on the Classical and Romantic eras, the course will also explore harmonic structure in Jazz, Pop, and other genres.  Students will do a combination of composition and analysis to combine hands-on music creation with the skills for approaching scores independently.

LEARNING HOURS    114 (36L;78P)

PREREQUISITE    A minimum grade of C- in MUSC 191/6.0 or permission of the School.

EXCLUSION    No more than 6.0 units from MUSC 291/6.0; MUSC 292/3.0; MUSC 293/3.0


Instructor: Stephanie Lind


One hour per week will be "live" class via Zoom, the second hour per week will be group work via Perusall (which can be done asynchronously if needed). The typical exams in this course will be converted to assignments this year, and the participation grade will be calculated through Perusall feedback. Office hours will be available on a flexible schedule.

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