Queen's University

Theory and Analysis 3 [MUSC 392]

MUSC 392/3.0


Introductory study of 20th-century systems of musical organization through analysis and writing.

LEARNING HOURS    120 (36L;12O;72P)

PREREQUISITE    MUSC 293/3.0 or MUSC 291/6.0 or permission of the School

Instructor: Robin Attas


It is anticipated that for remote delivery of this course, it will be designed with a weekly schedule of activities that can be completed independently, including readings/videos, short assignments, and discussion board posts. One or two synchronous sessions per week of no more than an hour each will be used for Q&A and community building among the class. The timing of these sessions will be determined by consensus of the group. While there may be a few timed quizzes or tests, for the most part this will be a project-based course where students will have a lot of choice about how to apply the content in ways that make sense for them given their musical interests and career goals.

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