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If you are a former STSC student, the link below contains the degree plan and course lists needed to graduate with a Stage and Screen specialization as well as the new Media and Performance Production (MAPP) degree plan and course lists.

Degree Plan and Course Lists for Former Stage and Screen [STSC] Students



FAQ for current STSC students 


Q: Can students currently enrolled in the Stage & Screen specialization complete the original STSC specialization? 

A: Yes. You’re ‘grandfathered’ in to the STSC specialization and it won’t change unless you notify us that you’d like to switch into the new MAPP specialization.


Q: Can students currently enrolled in the Stage & Screen specialization switch into MAPP?

A: Yes. If you switch from STSC to MAPP, ‘Media and Performance Production’ will appear on your degree certificate instead of ‘Stage and Screen.’ 


Q: How do students switch or enroll into the MAPP specialization?

A: Follow instructions outlined here on the Arts & Science website or contact Undergraduate & Graduate Assistant, Stephanie.Wilson@queensu.ca


Q: Do MAPP courses count towards my STSC specialization? 

A: Yes. Going forward, there will no longer be STSC-coded courses, so the new MAPP-coded courses will count towards your specialization instead. 


Q: What other FILM, DRAM, and MUTH courses count towards the new MAPP specialization? 

A: See new program requirements document for course codes provided as a pdf on this page.


Q: Will STSC-coded courses still be offered?

A: No, STSC-coded courses have been re-worked and re-coded as MAPP courses.