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MAPP Courses

After students have completed the first year requirements and have been accepted into the specialization, students take four core courses dedicated to the exploration of media and performance production and studies as follows:

This introductory course explores the integration of media and performance across a variety of contexts beyond traditional theatre and film. Students will be introduced to key theoretical concepts through which media and performance intersect, and will mobilize these concepts through their own original intermedial performance projects.

Prerequisite:  DRAM 100/6.0 or (MUTH110/3.0; MUTH111/3.0) or (BISC 100/3.0; BISC 101/3.0); FILM 110/6.0 or (FILM 104/3.0 and FILM 106/3.0) or (BISC 100/3.0 and FILM 104/3.0)

The course explores the relationship between different media within and across traditional domains such as theatre, film, art, dance, and music as well as the multiplicity of interactive forms that encompass digital media, studying digital media practices beyond changing art forms to commercial and non-profit realms.

Prerequisite: MAPP 200, Level 3 or above.

A production class exploring the formal concepts, historical underpinnings, and technical tools used in the production of independent sound works, or in the production of more elaborate sound components for video, film or theatrical projects.

Prerequisite: Level 3 or above

This course will include a focus on of the development of ‘social design’ as a framework for understanding the evolution of digital interactivity and live performance. Students will undertake a creative thesis project that experiments with or explores the intersection of live performance and media technology. The project is undertaken independently by the student, but will unfold in a critical, mutually supportive environment.

Prerequisite: MAPP 300, and registration in MAPP

Students in a MAPP specialization must complete 84 units in DRAM, FILM, MAPP, and MUTH as folllows:

Core Foundations in FILM & [DRAM or MUTH (12.0 units)]

  • Core Production (12.0 units) 
  • Core MAPP Studies (3.0 units) 
  • Core Media or MUTH (3.0 units)
  • Core MAPP Studies (3.0 units) 
  • Core Sound Production (3.0 units) 
  • Production & Studies Options (21.0 units)
  • Core MAPP Project (6.0 units) 
  • Production & Studies Options (21.0 units)

In addition, 36 units of elective credits are required to achieve the 120 units needed to graduate.