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  • Candidates should prepare a 15-minute audition consisting of three works of contrasting  style/period that demonstrate their technical skill and musical understanding.  
  • Repertoire may be drawn from Grade 9 lists published by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Conservatory Canada or similar institutions.  
  • There will be a short sight-reading excerpt at the audition. 

 The following list offers suggested works at the requisite level: 


  • J. S. Bach: Sinfonia (3-part invention) / Prelude & Fugue, Well-Tempered Clavier 
  • Daquin:   Le Coucou 

Viennese-style classical sonata (one or two movements)  

  • Haydn: Sonata (one or two movements), e.g. Hob XVI/ 13, 23, 34 or 37 
  • Mozart: Sonata (one or two movements), e.g. K. 283, K. 570 
  • Beethoven: Sonata (one movement), e.g. op. 79 

19th Century 

  • Chopin: Nocturnes, op. 32, no.1 or op.70 nos.1, 3 /Waltzes, op. 64, no. 2, 3, or  70, no. 1, 3 / Mazurka, op. 6, no.1 or op. 68, no. 1
  • Louise Farrenc: Impromptu 
  • Fanny Hensel: Mélodie, op.4, no.2 
  • Clara Schumann:   Mazurka from Soirées musicales
  • Robert Schumann: Fantasy Pieces, op. 12, no. 1 or 4 

20th century and beyond 

  • John Burge:                 Twenty-Four Preludes, nos. 1, 2, 7 
  • Connor Chee:              Sand Paintings (Eastern Clouds, Western Mountains) 
  • Debussy:                     Préludes  (La Fille aux cheveux de lin, Canope) 
  • Nathaniel Dett             In the Bottoms (Juba)
  • Martha Hill-Duncan:  Isla Vista Suite (Monarchs, Santa Vista Winds) 
  • Fiala:                           Sonatina 
  • Gershwin:                   Gershwin at the Keyboard  
  • Ibert:                           Le Petit Ane Blanc (The Little White Donkey) 
  • Alexina Louie:            Music for Piano (Changes) 
  • Joplin                          Piano Rags  
  • Kabalevsky:                Six Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Song, op.5, no. 5 
  • Viktor Kosenko 24 Children’s Pieces, op.25 (nos. 10,12,15,22) 
  • Pépin:                          Le Nez (The Nose) 
  • Oscar Peterson:           Canadiana Suite (Land of the Misty Giants) 
  • George Shearing:        Interpretations for Piano (“Over the Rainbow”) 
  • Wm. Grant Still:         Blues on Lenox Avenue  

If have questions about your repertoire choices, please contact the Area Co-ordinators: 

If you wish to have a pre-audition lesson please contact: