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About the Program

The Music Theatre program provides students with theoretical and practical training both in the three core disciplines of acting, singing and dancing, and also in the study of music theatre as a liberal arts subject.

Industry-focused training through a 2-year set curriculum at St. Lawrence College includes personalized instruction and coaching, group creative work, and basic music literacy. Students build on these core competencies with a more interdisciplinary liberal arts approach in their final two years at Queen’s University.

This demanding “triple threat” program helps students to hone their skills by performing in front of audiences, in studio, main stage productions and in unique productions where they learn to create and produce original theatrical pieces.

About the Curriculum

Students receive mentoring from faculty and guest industry professionals to become competent and job-ready for a competitive and rapidly-changing industry.

The Music Theatre program offers students a complementary set of outcomes that combine college and university strengths, disciplinary and interdisciplinary skill sets, and creative and critical modes of communication.

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Bachelor of Music Theatre Program at Queen's

Grahame Renyk
Faculty, Dan School of Drama and Music
Queen’s University, Kingston

Studying Music Theatre at St. Lawrence

Janet Venn-Jackson
Program Coordinator, Music Theatre Performance Program
St Lawrence College, Brockville

Future Music Theatre Students