Queen's University

Open To: B.Mus. and B.Mus./B.Ed. students
Area(s): Applied Music
Instructor(s): Adrenne Shannon
Term(s): A, B
Room: Harrison-LeCaine Hall, room 120

Development of sight reading and accompaniment skills for pianists in close co-ordination with vocal and instrumental students. This is an introductory course in piano accompanying, dealing with sight reading, re-arranging of piano reductions, score reading, rehearsal techniques, and repertoire awareness. Vocal and/or instrumental works are assigned for classroom rehearsing and performing. A required course for B.Mus. piano students.


Candidates should prepare a 15-minute audition consisting of three works of contrasting style/period (at the minimum Grade 9 level) that demonstrate their technical skill and musical understanding.

Repertoire may be drawn from lists published by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto or Conservatory Canada (or similar institutions).

NOTE: Interested students should email Kim Gudlauski for permission. The Dan School will add successful applicants to their ensembles after the audition process.

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