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Faculty Artist Series: From Bader Lane to Broadway: An Evening of Music Theatre



Saturday, January 25th, 2020, 7:30PM

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Isabel Concert Hall

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From Bader Lane to Broadway: An Evening of Music Theatre


Join us for a Music Theatre Extravaganza Evening of Opera, Operetta and Musical Theatre numbers featuring performers and composers from Queen’s University. In addition to standards from the repertoire we will be shining a featured spotlight on our Composer-in-Residence, Leslie Arden, one of Canada’s foremost practitioners in the area of Music Theatre.  Leslie Arden is a master at writing both music and words for her stage creations and followers of the Dan School might recall her dramatic and moving show, The House of Martin Guerre, that was produced a few years back by the Dan School.


This is guaranteed to be a highly entertaining concert with many surprises. Singers appearing on stage include: Leslie Arden (soprano), Melissa Morris (soprano), Colleen Renihan (mezzo-soprano), Darrell Bryan (tenor), Ben Schnitzer (tenor), Greg Wanless (tenor), Bruce Kelly (Baritone)


Instrumentalists include: Gisele Dalbec-Szczesniak (violin), Eileen Beaudette (viola), Roger Finlay (double-bass), David Gazaille (clarinet/bass clarinet), Jeff Hanlon (guitar/electric guitar), Greg Runions (percussion), Dina Namer (piano), Julia Brook (piano)


Canadian composers include: Leslie Arden, John Burge, Dean Burry, Melissa Morris, Juliet Palmer and John Roby


Canadian lyricists include: Leslie Arden, John Lazarus, Lorna MacDonald, Melissa Morris, Julie Salverson and Craig Walker


Poets featured during the evening include: Daniel David Moses and Richard Sanger

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