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12:30 PM

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Room 124 Harrison-LeCaine Hall

Dan School of Drama and Music 

Colloquia 2017-18


“Musical Pieces and Broken Bones: A Musician's Guide to Optimal Health”
Dr. Melodie Adler

will present a Health for Musicians presentation

February 9


This presentation will touch on the common presenting complaints of musicians of all strokes to a primary care physician.  We will review the concept of “total pain” which is used in palliative care but which I posit is very helpful in contextualizing pain for professional musicians.  We will explore performance anxiety and the brain-body connection to physical injury therein.  Lastly, I will present evidence based approaches to dealing with common physical and mental health difficulties musicians face, and discuss resources locally, provincially, and nationally available to musicians of all stripes to assist them in their recovery and maintenance of optimal wellness.

Born in Montreal to a mother who was a piano teacher, and a father who taught high school math, Melodie Adler received her Honours Bachelor of Music in Composition and Music History from McGill University in 2007.  To everyone’s surprise, in her last year of undergrad, she decided to apply to medical school at McMaster University, and with her acceptance to their MD program, her professional path took a complete 180 turn.  She completed her residency training in family medicine and geriatrics at Queen’s and will start practice in Kingston as a family physician-geriatrician in January 2018.  She still enjoys playing piano and violin, and with her husbandregularly attends concerts at the Isabel. She quips: “Now that my medical training is complete, I will have to be in touch with Tom Davidson who was my piano teacher at McGill, to start taking lessons again!”

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