Queen's University

Subconscious Musical Communication in Games



March 22 at 12:30PM

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Room 124 Harrison-LeCaine
“Subconscious Musical Communication in Games: Updates from the GameMusic@Queen’s Research Team”

A presentation by Dr. Stephanie Lind 

Game music scholar William Cheng speculates discussions about morality in video games “hinge on basic questions about whether games and gameplay are really as virtual as they appear – about how our engagements with gameworlds (and the sounds in there) speak to who we are and our values out here.” (Sound Play, 42)  Dr. Stephanie Lind, along with undergraduate research assistants Brooke Spencer, Kaitlin Saari, and Andrew Bennett, will present four short papers that explore this idea in some way, from engagement to morality, perception, and virtuality. Each suggests that games, much like film, engage with their audiences not only as “play” or entertainment, but also at an aesthetic and/or emotional level, with wide-ranging implications for the connection between music, virtuality, and our emotional and moral selves.

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