Queen's University

Queen's Music offers four different ways to study. The most specialized of these is the four-year Bachelor of Music degree program. This is a direct-entry degree program and is subject to special admission conditions. Admission is based on an audition, and students must also meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to the University. 

Queen's Music also offers Major, Medial and Minor/General Plans in Music as part of the regular Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree Programs.  Students enter these Plans through application in the normal fashion following their first year of study. These plans offer many of the music courses available within the B.Mus. Program, including private instrumental or vocal instruction, but excluding musicianship courses and some applied study courses. The Minor/General Plan in Music and the Medial Plan in Music both allow the student to choose from one of four main areas of study within music: musicology/ethnomusicology, theory/composition, education, or applied study (performance). The Major Plan in Music is designed for specialization in the academic areas of musicology, ethnomusicology and theory/analysis.

Applied Study

Instrumental study and training lie at the very core of musical formation. The Dan School of Drama and Music provides all students intensive instrumental or vocal training, and a great variety of performing opportunities.

Music Education

At Queen's University you can pursue studies of music education broadly, whether you plan to become an Ontario College of Teachers certified teacher, lead a church choir, or operate a community music school.

Music Theory

One of the purposes of music theory is to illuminate the structure and language of the music we love to perform and listen to, so that we may communicate with like-minded people who share the same passion.


The large scale organization of the music history and literature curriculum proceeds from introductory surveys to intensive studies of the individual historical periods from the Age of Antiquity to the present. 


Featuring acoustic and electroacoustic composition, as well as the Mosaic Concert Series.


Helpful links to music resources on and off-campus.