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All classes that were originally scheduled to be offered in person in the winter term will resume in-person instruction on February 28, 2022. Classes that are scheduled to be in-person will not have hybrid delivery options.

International students with exceptional circumstances, such as those travelling from countries with government mandated restrictions regarding leaving and/or returning to their home country are encouraged to contact their Faculty/School office as soon as possible to discuss their particular circumstances. Students taking courses in the DAN School of Drama & Music should reach out to their individual course professors, and cc the UG Program Manager, Katherine Peter (katherine.peter@queensu.ca), and the Undergraduate Chair, Colleen Renihan (colleen.renihan@queensu.ca). The course Professor, the Undergraduate Program Manager and the Undergraduate Chair will work together to convey your options. In the first instance, please refer to the FAQs below.


If I can’t return to Kingston, will I have to drop my in-person courses?

No, you can remain enrolled in your courses if you choose to. However, please keep in mind that courses are NOT being delivered remotely, so your experience of the course will not be equivalent to those attending in-person. Professors cannot be expected to deliver both in-person and remote course content at the same time. It may or may not be possible to receive a passing grade without attending your course.

Is it too late to find an online/remote course to join for the winter term?

Yes, it’s too late. It’s no longer possible to enroll in winter courses as the add deadline was Jan 21st.

If I drop an in-person course before March 4th, will I receive an F on my transcript?

No, not if you drop by March 4th.

If I drop one or more in-person courses, will I be financially penalized?

Yes, you will likely be subject to a financial penalty. The drop deadline for avoiding financial penalty was Jan 24. If your inability to return to campus is for reasons beyond your control (e.g. cancelled flight), you may wish to submit an appeal to Arts & Science for a refund or partial refund of your tuition. For more information or to submit an appeal, visit the Arts & Science Appeals Process website.

If I decide to drop one or more in-person courses, -?

The DAN School offers a few courses in the spring term such as MUTH333/3.0 Music Theatre Creation Lab, and OTHERS. If these options don’t work for you, then you would need to make up units going forward in fall/winter and so on. It may not be possible to complete your degree on time (in 4 years). Contact Kim Gudlauski for advising on MUSC plans, and Katherine Peter for advising on DRAM and BMT plans if you’d like to review your options. You could take online courses at another institution through a Letter of Permission (LOP). For example, Athabasca University offers all online courses with flexible start dates. For more information on LOPs, please see the “Courses at Other Universities” section of the Arts & Science Course Planning & Options webpage.

If I drop one or more of my in-person courses, I may no longer be eligible to graduate this spring. Who do I contact for academic advising to help determine the best path forward to graduating?

If you’re considering dropping one or more of your winter term courses and you’d like to know how it may impact your eligibility to graduate, please contact Kim Gudlauski for MUSC plans, and Katherine Peter for DRAM and ENIN plans. However, if your academic plan is outside of the DAN School, please contact the Undergraduate Assistant in your home department. Example: If you’re an English Major taking one DAN School course as an elective, contact the Department of English for academic advising.

Is Arts & Science offering a second summer graduation period this year so that students can take spring courses to complete their degree?

No. To be eligible for Spring 2022 graduation, students must complete their plan requirements by April. Students who complete their plan requirements in the spring/summer term (May-Aug) will be eligible for Fall 2022 graduation instead. Students who wish to graduate must Apply to Graduate. Visit the Office of the University Registrar website for details and instructions.

I’m having trouble dropping one or more of my courses, who do I contact for help?

Email the Arts & Science Student Services team and copy Kim Gudlauski (for MUSC) or Katherine Peter (for DRAM/ENIN). For all other courses, please copy the relevant administrative person for that department. If you have further questions about the impacts of dropping courses, adding online summer courses, completing a LOP, or course planning for completing your degree please schedule a virtual appointment with an Academic Advisor through the Arts & Science online booking system. Appointments will open on a rolling 72-hour basis, so please check back regularly for new openings. If you require additional assistance, please call the Arts & Science Student Services office at 613-533-2470, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM (EST).