Queen's University

Established by an anonymous donor to encourage students pursuing careers in Arts Management.

Awarded on the basis of academic achievement to students in year three or four in a minor, major, medial or concentration in Drama who are currently registered in, or have completed, a Commerce course(s), or who are registered in year three or four in the Bachelor of Commerce program who are currently registered in, or have completed, a Drama course(s), preferably DRAM 319, 348, 419.

The student recipient must have an interest in Arts Management as demonstrated through taking relevant courses and work or volunteer experience in Arts Management.

Deadline: April 10

A letter of application is to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, Student Awards, by April 10 (total prize amount available: $3,000).


2018/19 -- Claire Smith

2017/18 -- Maddy Palmer

2016/17 -- Amanda Baker

2015/16 -- Jack Taylor

2014/15 -- Adrienne Miller 

2013/14 -- Dylan On 

2012/13 -- Cody McCallum 

2011/12 -- Victoria Racanelli and Michelle Yagi

2010/11 -- Thomas Parente

2009/10 -- Emily Herczeg

2008/09 -- Marianne Vander Dussen