Queen's University

Established by friends and admirers of George N. Maybee, D.Litt., F.R.S.M., late distinguished teacher, organist and Master of Choristers at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario. Two or three scholarships are awarded annually on the recommendation of the School of Music to full-time students in the Bachelor of Music program, whose major applied study is the organ or who show aptitude in choral conducting, with preference given to the former in cases of equal or near equal merit. Second-class standing in music courses as well as overall second-class standing is required to qualify for consideration for the award. Entrance candidates will be considered on the basis of promise. Further preference will be given to candidates who have attended a school in Frontenac County. In addition, candidates will be given special consideration if they have practised, or intend to practise the profession of music as church organists, choir directors or choristers. Award: $2600. Deadline: April 30


2018/19 -- Renata Van Vliet