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Established by Lorne Greene, B.A. 1937, LL.D. 1971, and awarded annually to a student or students in drama who graduates at either fall or spring convocation in a current academic year for outstanding achievement in the practical and performing aspects of theatre while at Queen's. Assessment of the applicants shall be based equally on the following: 1) the highest average (not less than 80 per cent in each course) in the equivalent of 3.0 credits as specified by the Dan School of Drama and Music; 2) a submitted resume demonstrating a sustained level of participation in university theatrical activity. Final selection shall be decided by the Drama faculty of the Dan School of Drama and Music in April. For application details, including the requisite courses, please consult the Department. Applications should be submitted to the Lorne Greene Screening Committee (Dan School of Drama and Music) on the prescribed form no later than April 15. (Prize approx. $4750, award may be split)

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2018/19 -- Maureen Barnes

2017/18 -- Elizabeth Moffat and Jeffrey McGilton

2016-17 -- Zach Fedora and Brandon Swann and Rachel Manson

2015-16 -- Kiersten Forkes and Danielle Peters

2014/15 -- Mariah Horner and Devon Jackson 

2013/14 -- Jackie Omstead and Dylan On 

2012/13 -- Karli Feldman 

2011/12 -- Radissen Ramoutar 

2010/11 -- Lauren Jackson and Matthew Stewart 

2009/10 -- Danielle Kostrich 

2008/09 -- Marianne Vander Dussen 

2007/08 -- Kristin Rodgerson and Katherine Sandler

2006/07 -- Alexandra Kovacs 

2005/06 -- Robert Kempson and Rachel Slaven 

2004/05 -- Sarah Cutfield and Robin Willis 

2003/04 -- Jessi Linn Taylor 

2002/03 -- Dan Dumsha 

2001/02 -- Michelle Alderson 

2000/01 -- Brad Lepp and Ashlie Corcoran 

1999/00 -- Julia Rabinovitch and Anthony Farrell 

1998/99 -- Andrew Shaver 

1997/98 -- Jodi Essery 

1996/97 -- Daryl Cloran 

1995/96 -- Robert Hamilton, Tracy Michailidis and Jeremy Smith 

1994/95 -- Arwen Downey and Sheri A. Zernentsch 

1993/94 -- Camilla Holland 

1991/92 -- Sara Graefe and James Skidmore