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Video Production for Digital Media [FILM 410]

Video Production for Digital Media


LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36L;24Lb;60P)

Advanced work in video and computer media. Assignments include the production of digital video projects, undertaken individually and in groups.

NOTE: Students may enroll in no more than one production course per academic year – FILM 351/3.0; FILM 352/3.0; FILM 355/6.0; FILM 365/6.0; FILM 375/6.0; FILM 385/6.0; FILM 410/3.0; FILM 451/3.0; FILM 460/6.0.

PREREQUISITE: A GPA of 2.6 in FILM and (a grade of B- in each of FILM 110/6.0 and FILM 250/6.0) and 18.0 units in FILM and registration in a FILM Major or Medial Plan, or COCA Specialization or STSC Specialization Plan.