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World Musics [MUSC 289]

MUSC 289/3.0 World Musics

Taught by: Professor Margaret Walker

The human process of music-making is found all over the world and can form a crucial part of both our most profound experiences and our most playful moments. It is a global phenomenon, a human universal, yet offers an immense diversity of expressive experience, social function, and philosophical being. Much more than a combination of sounds, music gives us a glimpse into worldviews that can be quite different from each other and offers examples of globalized interaction through fusions and cross-overs.

Through a series of geographical case-studies, this course will explore both the variety and the universals of music in global perspective. Whenever possible, we will welcome guests and when culturally appropriate, maybe participate. Cultural case studies will include Indigenous North and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Settler North America, the Caribbean, South Asia, East Asia and the Arabic world.

LEARNING HOURS: 112 (36L;24O;52P)