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Drama, Music, Music-Theatre:

For drama advisement, contact Katherine Peter: katherine.peter@queensu.ca
and for music advisement, contact Kimberley Gudlauski: kim.gudlauski@queensu.ca

Graduate Diploma /MA in Arts Management & Leadership:

Contact Amie Bello, Graduate Assistant: belloa@queensu.ca
Contact Michael Wheeler: michael.wheeler@queensu.ca
and/or Margaret Walker: margaret.walker@queensu.ca

Entrepreneurship Certificate:

Contact Sidneyeve Matrix: matrixs@queensu.ca

Contact Kimberley Gudlauski: kim.gudlauski@queensu.ca

To request a tour you can e-mail us at info.danschool@queensu.ca or call us at (613) 533-2066 at least one week in advance. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.

Also: Queen’s University Campus Tours are available

Director: Craig Walker Craig.walker@queensu.ca

Undergraduate Chair: Colleen Renihan colleen.renihan@queensu.ca

Department Manager: Julia Stroud julia.stroud@queensu.ca

Academic Program Manager: Katherine Peter katherine.peter@queensu.ca

Graduate Programs Assistant: Amie Bello belloA@queensu.ca

Office Assistant: Lucas Siverns Lucas.siverns@queensu.ca

Production/ Rentals Drama: Adair Redish redisha@queensu.ca

Recording Studio/Rentals Music: Mike Cassells cassellm@queensu.ca

Production Coordinator: Brian Frommer  bf13@queensu.ca

Queen’s Community Music: Community.music@queensu.ca

The Isabel Bader Centre: ibcpabook@queensu.ca

Director for The Isabel Bader Centre – tricia.baldwin@queensu.ca