Why Drama and Music?

Through the making of music or theatre, artists express ideas that entertain, challenge, or comfort those around us. Music and theatre can intervene in some of the central debates of our times, changing hearts and minds in powerful and unique ways. The creative arts are also a key part of Canada's economic prosperity and growth.

The creative industries are a strength of the Canadian economy, at the heart of our competitive advantage on the international stage. Canada's creative industries are strong and innovative and have the potential to be leaders in accelerating the growth of the Canadian economy.

-Government of Canada

Artists have an essential role to play in our societies, and a post-secondary education in Drama or Music can lead to a fulfilling career helping, persuading, and uplifting others. Many graduates of Drama and Music programs establish dynamic portfolio careers—careers made up of a series of roles in which artists combine their performance, creative, and/or scholarly abilities in a variety of ways. Other graduates seek roles in arts management, live performance, digital and interactive media, libraries and heritage, or educational sectors.



As a student at the DAN School of Drama and Music, you will have the opportunity to explore Drama, Music, or Music Theatre through performance, creation, and scholarship. You will develop a variety of artistic and entrepreneurial skills as you increase your cultural understanding and deepen your creativity, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and thinking abilities.


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We offer exciting internship and practical opportunities, as well as many other experiential learning activities, that can help you integrate your knowledge and skills in various real-world environments. Renowned scholars and industry leaders are regularly invited to share their insights through workshops, special lectures, and class visits.

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You can use your degree to launch your entrepreneurial career or find work in the creative industries or community or educational centres. You can also use the knowledge and skills from your degree as you journey into other professions or graduate studies.

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