RENOMAD is a multidisciplinary art and research group founded and led by Dr. Sojung Bahng. Since 2015, beginning under the name Artengine8, RENOMAD has supported a variety of inter- and transdisciplinary art creation and non-traditional research efforts.

The group has investigated the ways digital media have changed and expanded artistic expression, creative experience, and storytelling conventions. As creative outcomes, the group has produced multidisciplinary artworks, exhibitions, performances, and design products. Simultaneously, it has published academic papers and organized workshops and forums. RENOMAD pursues practice-based research methodology and embraces research-creation as a knowledge outcome. RENOMAD is mainly based in Canada and South Korea, collaborating with members in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The members work in various areas and fields, such as media art, film, music, performance, design, physics, fine art, chemical engineering, and AI. In 2022, beginning with Sojung Bahng’s appointment as a faculty member, RENOMAD partnered with the Department of Film and Media and the DAN School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.