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History, Art, & Performance
The Republic to Rationalism

Learn about European Antiquity, the Renaissance, and Baroque

Open to all Queen's students!
Ensemble Courses

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This Fall with Tim Fort:
Music Theatre

Survey major trends in musical theatre production & theory since the 19thC

Online this Winter with Craig Walker
Sex and Violence in Performance

Study moments in the history of the representation of sex and violence in dramatic and musical performances

This Fall with Kip Pegley:
Social History of Popular Music
Online This Fall with Sidneyeve Matrix
Creative Entrepreneurship

For creative thinkers: Learn how to develop your entrepreneurial mindset

This Winter with Margaret Walker
World Musics
Designed for non-music majors
One-on-One Music Instruction
This Winter with Matt Rogalsky
Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing

Graduate Studies

Earn an Arts Management Graduate Diploma and/or a Master's Degree in Arts Leadership in just one year. Our blended graduate programs are designed for students and working professionals who have the passion and acumen for the arts and are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership. Find out more:

Graduate DiplomaMaster's Degree | Graduate Courses

Undergraduate Studies

In the Drama program students are involved in productions and study all aspects of theatre, from acting and directing to theatre history, theory, technology, dramatic literature, production design, business and promotion in the performing arts. We offer classes on-campus and online:

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