The Watershed Festival

About the Watershed Festival

The Watershed Festival - Reimagining Music Theatre in Kingston, Ontario is a celebration and exploration of ALL things Music Theatre. We acknowledge the fact that the various forms of music theatre, including opera and musical theatre, have often existed in divided communities with very little interaction. We also acknowledge that past and current Music Theatre practises lean heavily on a Euro-centric perspective, to the exclusion of many racially, culturally and gender diverse creators and audiences. Music, drama, dance and design - Music Theatre offers the thrilling potential to evolve into one of the world’s most inclusive art forms. The Watershed Festival seeks to DEFINE what we know about Music Theatre in an effort to bring together the worlds of opera, musical theatre and everything in between, and REDEFINE that world by embracing the richness of diversity, encouraging bold and innovative new work and changing the way we think about the art form.  

Watershed 2024 Discussion Panel

Discussion around the challenges and opportunities in disability arts

Hosted by Colleen Renihan, featuring Robin Hahn, Robert Hutson, and Camille Spencer