Undergraduate Students

Ensemble and Production Auditions

Any Queen's student is welcome to audition to be part of our Music or Drama productions. Audition information is below.

Students interested in enrolling in the Bachelor of Music program must complete an audition to enter the degree program. Audition information is available here. Acceptance into the Bachelor of Music program automatically enrols you into Applied Instruction (private singing or instrumental lessons).

All students will need to audition for ensembles and shows or to enter the double-credit program. 

Drama Majors - Cast Performance

Drama Major Productions

Each semester, the DAN School produces a theatrical work called 'The Majors.’ All Queen's students are allowed to audition to be part of the cast or apply to be part of the crew. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.

Upon instructor approval, students can register for course credit for their involvement in the Drama Majors. 


Instrumental Ensembles

Music Ensembles

Undergraduate students within the Faculty of Arts and Science can enrol in an ensemble for a course credit of 1.5 units upon completing a successful audition/application. Students from across the university and community members are also welcome to audition for an ensemble. Those who successfully complete an audition will be enrolled as non-credit participants. The fee to participate as a non-credit student is $200. This fee can be paid at the DAN School office in Harrison-LeCaine Hall before the first rehearsal.  

All ensembles are scheduled to run through the Fall and Winter terms and both credit and non-credit students must participate in both terms. Students may register for credit in a maximum of two ensembles per year. 

Below is a list of our current exciting ensemble opportunities. 

All ensembles will perform throughout the year as part of the DAN School Ensemble Concert Series. Auditions and applications for a place in these ensembles are held before the start of the Fall term. The audition process involves demonstrating your musical abilities by performing specified selections. Audition materials and further information about the audition and application process can be found through the link below.

Our ensemble courses are available at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year levels, so you can continue your artistic progression throughout your time at Queen’s. Please note, students will be registered in the ensemble course number to match their year of study. 

Audition and Application Information


Chamber Music Ensemble - Saxophone Quartet

Chamber Music Ensembles

Students can form a chamber group (small groups of instrumentalists or vocalists) where they learn works and are coached by a faculty member. Once students have formed a group of collaborators, they complete and submit an application form by March 1st of each year. Students can enrol in this course for credit (1.5 units) or they can elect to take this course as a non-credit student. The fee to participate as a non-credit student is $200. This fee can be paid at the DAN School office in Harrison-LeCaine Hall. 

The Chamber Music course is a full-year course, so all credit- and non-credit students are expected to participate for both the Fall and Winter Terms. 


Applied Instruction - Tricolour Cellos in Snow

Applied Instruction Auditions

Students can audition to receive applied singing or instrumental lessons for credit.

  • Students in the Bachelor of Music program audition for these lessons when they seek entrance into the program.
  • Students in other undergraduate programs at Queen’s can audition in the Fall to take applied instruction for credit through MUSC 124. In addition to the regular tuition fee, students are charged an additional fee for private music lessons: estimated cost $1,600. 

For information about how to audition, please click here.

Double Credit Program

Bachelor of Music students who wish to be considered for the Double Credit performance program need permission to audition. Permission to audition is obtained by: i) having received a minimum of A- on their most recent jury, and ii) being recommended by the jury adjudicators and area coordinator. Recommended students will be contacted by their area coordinator following the juries in April and will be directed to the application form which is due June 15. Double Credit auditions take place at the beginning of the Fall term before classes begin. The audition involves students preparing 15-20 minutes of repertoire, with an accompanist for non-pianists.

Being accepted into Double Credit means that you will be able to register for MUSC X20 and MUSC X25, where you will receive longer lessons and will be required to complete a public recital each year.

Information on auditions for the 2023-24 year will be posted here.