Room Booking, Lockers, and Fees

Supplementary Course Fees

Students may have to pay supplementary fees for some courses. Some fees are noted on your tuition statement through SOLUS, and others are paid directly to the DAN School. Fees can be paid at the Harrison-LeCaine Hall front office using credit or debit (no cash payments).

Room Booking

Music and Drama students can book rehearsal space for their curricular work through our room booking system. Rehearsal Bookings for DSS Rehearsals can also be booked through this link. (Link requires a Queen's NetID for login.)

Enter the Room Booking Portal

Students leading AMS-ratified clubs can book classroom space through the Queen's Event services.

AMS Clubs or other community-based groups wanting to rent rehearsal or performance space in Theological Hall or Harrison-LeCaine Hall can contact our Production Coordinator, Brian Frommer.

More information about booking for AMS Clubs and other community groups can be found on our Facilities and Equipment Rentals page.

Lockers, Keys, and Fobs

Students taking courses in the DAN School often need to access classroom or rehearsal space to work on course projects. Students may rent a locker to store their instruments or other course-related materials. The first step in securing these resources is to complete the Student Onboarding Form to indicate the help you require.

Student Onboarding Form

Below we describe who is eligible to request a locker, keys, or fobs and how to acquire them after you have completed the Onboarding Form.

Locker Rentals

Staff, faculty, and students within the DAN School can request a locker in Harrison-LeCaine Hall, Theological Hall, or the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts by completing this Locker Request Form. Lockers are assigned on a "first come, first served" basis and based on need. Priority for larger lockers will be given to students who play larger instruments. Students who need locker space for smaller tools may consider sharing.

Key Sign-Outs

Keys may be required to access some practice or classroom students' books for their curricular activities. Keys can be signed out at the Harrison-LeCaine Main office during office hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm) and returned through the dropbox.

Students who require ongoing access to rooms requiring keys may request to have a key for the academic term. A $20 deposit is required, which will be refunded when the key is returned.

Fob Activation

Fob access is required to access some practice and studio spaces. Students can request access to areas they need for their curricular work by completing this Fob Activation Form. Once your need has been verified, please bring your fob to the main office in Harrison-LeCaine Hall to activate it with access to the specified locations.  

Fobs can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. In some cases, fobs can be rented or purchased from the Main Office.