MAPP Final Showcase

Media & Performance Production (MAPP) is a program co-coordinated by the Department of Film & Media and the DAN School of Drama & Music at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. Media and Performance Production Major Project (MAPP 400 / Fall 2022 & Winter 2023) is a practice-based capstone course that lets students explore and produce various digital media projects by intersecting audiovisual productions and live arts through interactive, augmented and immersive media. MAPP students complete a capstone project in the course MAPP 400, which is shared with the other members of the community through a public installation & performance. The 2023 showcase took place on March 25 at the Power Corporation of Canada Studio Theatre at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts.


How do we navigate drastic changes in our environment? Coping Mechanism surveys various ways MAPP 400 students have been facing and dealing with radical changes such as covid 19 pandemic, relocating and adjusting to a different culture, social/political oppression, media misinformation, etc. Amid these crises, some listen carefully to their darkest feelings and respond to mental health issues, while others find themselves bursting into unexpected artistic talent. Some try to reconnect with their close ones and find peace in their comfort zones, while some confront problems and open dialogues. These struggles and challenges are materialized in 12 different digital media installations and performances, including video projection, AR and VR. Where the idea of our familiar world is dismantled, and the physical reality is blurred, Coping Mechanism provides a space where we find ourselves to relate to each other and explore possibilities together. Statement by Jung-Ah Kim


Coping Mechanism Poster

SHOWCASE TITLE: Coping Mechanism

ARTISTS: Emina Arase, Bingtong Cai, Zachary Everitt, Kaelin Grassie, Seymour Irons, Claire Matthews, Siobhan Mcmahon, Daniela Mendoza, Erin Piggott, Weijia Ran, Madeleine Smith, Haofan Wang, Chutong Yu, Freda Zhou

SUPERVISOR: Sojung Bahng



SHOWCASE SPONSORS: DAN School of Drama & Music and Department of Film & Media, Queen's University


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Capstone Project: MAPP 2023 - Coping Mechanism

Coping Mechanism - MAPP 2023