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Watershed Festival Assistant


Posted: December 1, 2020

Deadline: December 10, 2020

The first Watershed Music Theatre Festival, to be held virtually and at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) from May 26-28, 2021, is hiring a Watershed Festival Assistant (casual position). In addition, the Watershed Festival Assistant will provide website support to the Marketing Coordinator for the Dan School of Drama and Music.

The Watershed Festival Assistant will ideally be a Dan School of Drama and Music student, with strong digital and communications skills. Self-motivated and self-directed individuals will be most successful in this role. Candidates will ideally have experience with WordPress and/or Squarespace, with experience in Elementor considered an asset.

The successful applicant will work closely with the three main administrators of the Watershed Festival (Dean Burry, Colleen Renihan, and Greg Wanless) for approximately 5 hours/week from December 2020 to May 2021. In addition, approximately 5 hours/week during the same time period will be spent on Dan School of Drama and Music assistance, working closely with the Marketing Coordinator, for a total of approximately 10 hours/week.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Watershed Festival Assistance

  • Building a website for the Festival on Squarespace, anticipating a mid-to-late January 2021 launch;
  • Creating and maintaining effective and attractive social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok;
  • Researching and managing various outreach, advertising, and communications initiatives and opportunities, as they arise;
  • Liaising with artists and scholars involved with the Festival in order to facilitate and support their participation.

Dan School Website Assistance

  • Assist with general website updates in WordPress, including creating pages and posts and coordinating website information with social media.

The Festival Assistant will be paid $20/hour (including benefits).

The Watershed Festival is one of the first of its kind: a celebration and exploration of ALL things music theatre. Opera and musicals have long existed in divided communities with very little interaction, and the history and practices of both have traditionally drawn on a Euro-centric perspective. Yet in spite all of this, the integration of music, drama, dance, and design offers the thrilling potential for music theatre to be recognized and mobilized as a truly inclusive art form. In an effort to reimagine the future of music theatre, the Watershed Festival strives to support and promote those who CREATE ground-breaking and genre-expanding new work, to deeply EXPLORE the past, present and future of the art form and to INSPIRE the next generation of artists and audiences. The Watershed Festival brings together the worlds of opera, musical theatre, and those pushing the boundaries far beyond these traditional boxes. It seeks to REIMAGINE those worlds by embracing the richness of diversity, encouraging bold and innovative new work, and changing the very way we think about the art form.

We welcome applications (consisting of a letter of application and CV) by all interested applicants by December 10that noon. Please email your letter and CV in one file to Julia Stroud, Department Manager, at julia.stroud@queensu.ca 

Teaching Assistant Positions

Winter 2021

Posting Date: November 19, 2020

Closing Date: November 25, 2020

Teaching Assistant positions for the following courses may be available at the DAN School of Drama and Music in the 2020-2021 academic year, conditional upon enrolment figures and budgetary approval:

The teaching assistants that we are seeking are for the support of online or remote courses. Some training and preparation is required before the start of the course. Candidates must be prepared to work outside the regular 9-5 workweek and have access to the internet and a computer that meets minimum requirements. Experience with learning management systems (e.g. onQ) and videoconferencing software (e.g. Zoom or Microsoft Teams) would be an asset.



DRAM 205W (ASO*) – Theatre in the Age of Television

DRAM 211W (ASO*) – Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences
DRAM 220W – Play Reading and Analysis

ENIN 140W (ASO*) – Design Thinking

ENIN 240W (ASO*) – Explorations in Creativity
MUSC 114W – Teaching Music to Children

MUSC 289W (ASO*) – Global Musics

MUSC 490W – Gender and Popular Music and MUSC 491Music and Mass Media (single TA position for both courses)
MUTH 111W – Listening to Revolutions: History, Arts, and Performance II

(* ASO = Offered by Arts and Science Online)

DEADLINE: Please forward your application and ranked course preferences and other relevant material to peterk@queensu.ca on or before Wednesday, November 25, 2020. 

Application should include your curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, and a one-paragraph statement why you want to TA for each course for which you are applying. Applicants in Group A applying for more than one course should rank their course preferences by term.

For Graduate Students, Teaching Assistantships will be assigned in accordance with Article 12.04 of the Collective Agreement (CA) between the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) on behalf of Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows and Queens University. Please ensure you become familiar with all aspects of the collective agreement, including Article 12.04, included below.

Collective Agreement
Article 12: Appointment of Teaching Assistants

12.04 In the appointment to TAships within the bargaining unit, the Employer shall follow the four level preference system outlined below. No TAships shall be offered to candidates in Group B until the qualified candidates in Group A have been exhausted. No TAships shall be offered to candidates in Group C until the qualified candidates in Group B have been exhausted. TAships may only be offered to candidates in Group D when there remain no qualified candidates in any other Group.

  1. First Preference — Group A
    Is for qualified graduate students registered as:
    (i) students in a department or program in which the TAship will be offered; or
    (ii) students in an interdisciplinary program with TA budget resources,
    and for whom the TAship has been granted as part of the funding commitment offered by the Employer.
  1. Second Preference — Group B
    Is for qualified graduate students registered as:
    (i) students in a department or program in which the TAship will be offered; or
    (ii) students in an interdisciplinary program with TA budget resources,
    and for whom
    (iii) the TAship will not form part of the funding commitment offered by the Employer; or (iv) there is currently no funding commitment provided by the Employer.
  1. Third Preference — Group C
    Is for qualified graduate students that have previously held a TAship or TFship for the Employer.
  1. Fourth Preference — Group D
    Is for qualified graduate students that have not met the criteria as set out in 12.04 A, B, or C