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Bachelor of Music & Education

The 11-term (five years plus one summer term) concurrent B.Mus./B.Ed. program integrates academic, applied and professional studies. The B.Mus. component presents a balance of theoretical, historical and cultural music studies with practical applications, while focusing on the field of music education. The B.Ed. component provides the professional and field-centred activities required for educators.

The B.Mus. degree, comprising 126 units, is completed in the first four years (eight terms) and provides students with the necessary credits for their teaching subjects. In addition, 13.5 units of B.Ed. courses are taken in Years 1, 2, and 3. In their fifth year students complete the remaining units needed for their B.Ed. degree. At Queen’s the B.Ed. portion will be three terms: Fall/Winter/Summer.

The B.Mus. component of the concurrent program is identical to the regular B.Mus. in terms of degree structure and requirements, other than slight changes in the recommended yearly plan of study to accommodate B.Ed. courses.

Details of the B.Ed. component of the concurrent program, including the Faculty of Education calendar and the concurrent Teacher Candidate Guide, are available on the Faculty of Education Academic Calendar.

The Concurrent Education Students Association (CESA) has a website with news, details of the program and lists of resources for concurrent students.