Bachelor of Music - New for 2024-25


The Bachelor of Music program at the DAN School of Drama and Music introduces three new plans that prepare students for several avenues of work in the cultural industries: Classical, Contemporary, and Sonic Arts/Music Production. These new plans or streams will allow students from a variety of backgrounds and diverse interests to complete a Bachelor of Music degree. “We have broadened our Bachelor of Music program to reflect the diversity of music-making practices in the contemporary cultural sphere,” noted DAN School Director, Julia Brook. 

There are incredible and varied opportunities for meaningful work in Music across Canada and around the world. The cultural industries are a $50B+ sector in Canada and are ever-evolving. At the DAN School, we hope to educate, train, and inspire musical leaders who will transform these domains with knowledge, skills, and passion.

Graduates of Queen’s Music programs think critically about music’s role in historical and contemporary, and local and global contexts. They develop skills in performance, creation, digital musicking, collaboration, curation, analysis, critical thinking, and teaching among others. 

Finally, through the DAN School’s suite of courses in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, our students work closely with innovation researchers and industry leaders to develop fundamental knowledge and skills in ideating and establishing an entrepreneurial framework and mindset that will help launch and transform their careers.

Students in any of our three streams can choose to pursue the Concurrent Education program (B.Mus/B.Ed) or an Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

Students begin their application to any plan of the Bachelor of Music program through OUAC. Acceptance is based on high school grades and a successful demonstration of their musical abilities through a live or recorded portfolio/audition. 


Classical Stream

We will continue to welcome students interested in grounding their music careers in solo classical, chamber, choral, concert band or orchestral music in our Classical plan, which has been broadened to include digital creation and production, and entrepreneurial skills.




Contemporary Stream

The Contemporary Vocal or Instrumental plan invites students interested in musical theatre, cabaret, pop, jazz, rock, folk, or fiddling to approach their study of music from any of these areas, with a focus on developing skills in contemporary musicianship including performance, arranging, creation, digital production, and entrepreneurship. 



Sonic Arts/Production Stream

This stream is for students interested in sound design, music-based performance art, and/or digital music creation, production, recording, and composition across all genres (including beat–, sample–, and loop–based music).