Why Study Music at Queen's?


Bachelor of Music (BMus Classical, Contemporary Instrumental and Vocal Genres, or Sonic Arts & Music Production)

The Bachelor of Music is a Specialist degree.  Students apply to be in one of our three streams: ClassicalContemporary Instrumental and Vocal Genres, or the Sonic Arts & Music Production Stream.  As a student in the Bachelor of Music specialization program, approximately two-thirds of your courses will be in Music.

All Bachelor of Music students will take common courses in Music Production, Music History and Cultures, Entrepreneurship, and Education. Students will then take other courses within their respective sub-plans. Within each sub-plan, students will take performance and creation, music history, music theory, ear training, and ensemble courses related to their areas of specialization. During their degree, students can take courses from other sub-streams and/or additional courses from the list above, or courses in entrepreneurship. We encourage students to both explore new interests and build their skill sets in their Major stream to prepare themselves for careers as professional musicians who could perform, create, teach, produce, work in libraries or museums, work in arts leadership or government, or pursue graduate studies.


Bachelor of Arts, Music (BA)

Our Bachelor of Arts, Music is a 4-year Honours degree or a 3-year General degree. This degree program is ideal for students interested in music but looking for a flexible degree program to balance their study of music with another discipline.

As a student in this program, you will have the opportunity to study a variety of music genres, learn to play a range of instruments, or explore the sonic arts, including recording and production. Choose from courses that investigate various issues in music, music education and pedagogy courses, as well as courses in entrepreneurship. You can audition to be part of any music ensemble or our Major Theatrical Production. 

You can audition to receive private singing or instrumental lessons for credit (MUSC 124, 224, 324, or 424). Registering for private lessons (MUSC x24) for credit includes an additional fee ($1,600 in 2023-24). 


Dr. Julia Brook, Director, announces the new Bachelor of Music program at the DAN School  Music at Queen’s provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for students to explore music as a medium for intellectual and personal growth, and expression.