Queen's University

Program Introduction:

The Dan School of Drama and Music, and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (IBCPA) are offering both a new Arts Management Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in Arts Leadership for students and experienced professionals who have the passion and acumen for the arts and are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership.

The program centres on developing 21st century leadership and management capabilities. Coursework covers strategic planning and thinking, a specific focus on comprehensive revenue development in arts marketing and philanthropy, cultural policy, contract negotiations and labour relations, financial and management accounting, and creative entrepreneurship.

Course Descriptions:

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2020-2021 Program Scheduling:

Graduate Diploma in Art Management

All Graduate Diploma courses are core, and required of all students in both the Graduate Diploma and the Master of Arts Leadership programs

Fall term, 2020:

3.0 units - Arts Marketing (ARTL 801): Tricia Baldwin, Director of the Isabel Bader Centre of the Performing Arts
3.0 units - Arts Philanthropy (ARTL 802): Dory Vanderhoof, Genovese Vanderhoof & Associates
3.0 units - Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Managers (MIR 875/ARTL875): Greg Farrington, Queen’s Masters in Industrial Relations Program
1.5 units - Contract Negotiations (ARTL 808): Greg Wanless, Former Artistic Director and General Manager of the Thousand Islands Playhouse
1.5 units - Artistic Producing (ARTL 804): Michael Wheeler, Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow Performance


Master of Arts Leadership 

Winter term, 2021:

Core/Required Course:

ARTL 806 Leadership, Governance and Cultural Policy – instructor to be announced


Electives - Choose One

ARTL 814 Creative Entrepreneurship – Michael Wheeler


ARTL 890 Directed Study – individual instructors


Master of Arts Leadership 

Spring/Summer term, 2021:

ARTL810 Arts Leadership Capstone - individual instructors/supervisors

The ARTL Internships and the writing of the Capstone Report will take place over the spring/summer (April-August, 2021)