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Acceptance decisions begin in February.
Program starts May 2020.

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Program Introduction:

The Dan School of Drama and Music, and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (IBCPA) are offering both a new Arts Management Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in Arts Leadership for students and experienced professionals who have the passion and acumen for the arts and are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership.

The program centres on developing 21st century leadership and management capabilities. Coursework covers strategic planning and thinking, a specific focus on comprehensive revenue development in arts marketing and philanthropy, cultural policy, contract negotiations and labour relations, financial and management accounting, and creative entrepreneurship.

Course Descriptions:

Visit our complete list of graduate courses from the diploma and degree programs.

Program Scheduling:

I. Summer Term: The following 12.0 units of courses are required (core), taught at the Isabel, and must be done in person at Queen’s:

3.0 units - Arts Marketing (ARTL 801)
3.0 units - Arts Philanthropy (ARTL 802)
3.0 units - Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Managers (MIR 875/ARTL875)
1.5 units - Strategic Planning (ARTL 805)
1.5 units - Leadership & Governance (ARTL 806)

II. Fall Term: Students are required to complete the following two courses to earn a total of 3.0 units:

1.5 units - Cultural Policy (ARTL 807) - online
1.5 units – Contract Negotiations (ARTL 808) - online

Fall (continued): Students are required to complete 3.0 units from the following (electives) course list, which includes both on-campus and online options. 

3.0 units - Theatre Administration (DRAM 448/ARTL 820)
3.0 units – Creative Entrepreneurship (ARTL 814) - online
3.0 units - Public Relations (ARTL 815) - online (launch date TBA)

Or a combination of three of the following existing MIR seminar courses, offered on campus only, subject to availability:
1.0 units - MIR 802 Change Management Skills
1.0 units - MIR 803 Quantitative Skills
1.0 units - MIR 804 Qualitative Skills
1.0 units - MIR 805 Labour Relations Skills
1.0 units - MIR 806 Human Resource Management Skills
1.0 units - MIR 807 Strategic Bargaining Components
1.0 units - MIR 808 Team Skills
1.0 units - MIR 809 Mediation Skills
1.0 units - MIR 811 Occupational Health and Safety

III. Winter: During the Winter term, students are required to earn 6.0 units by completing:

ARTL 810: Arts Leadership Capstone Project - 6.0 units
An internship at an arts organization, culminating in a written, research-based report.

Students will also participate in (non-credit) skills webinars with industry leaders.