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The Isabel String Quartet

About The Isabel Quartet

The Dan School of Drama and Music has established our own string quartet for many reasons. Certainly, one hope is that the fine example of the Isabel Quartet will help us to recruit the very best string players to the Queen’s Bachelor of Music program.

Another interest we have is in fostering the further growth of chamber music—including works of chamber opera—at the Dan School. But an equal motivation was the opening of the Isabel Bader Performing Arts Centre in 2014. With The Isabel, Kingston and Queen’s has a world-class concert hall that is an acoustical gem. One of the very best ways to experience the awesome potential of this hall is through the performance of a string quartet, so we were excited by the idea of establishing our own resident string quartet to regularly present concerts.  

The Isabel Quartet presented its inaugural concert in June 2016 and then opened the Dan School of Drama and Music’s Faculty Artist Series with a concert in October of the same year.  

For the past few seasons the Isabel Quartet has presented a series of three concerts at Queen’s each of which has included a quintet performance with visiting artists such as pianist Frédéric Lacroix (University of Ottawa), double bassist Joel Quarrington (National Arts Centre Orchestra) and in the upcoming season, cellist Joseph Johnson (Toronto Symphony Orchestra). The quartet also places great importance on performing Canadian composers and to date has programmed quartets by John Burge, Marjan Mozetich and Michel Szczesniak.

The quartet undertakes a number of yearly recruitment events having presented short concerts and provided coaching sessions at a number of Ontario high schools.


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The Isabel Quartet Fund

This fund will support operations and promotional activities for the Isabel String Quartet concert program, including but not limited to marketing and promotions, event presentation, salaries, travel expenses, program support, and equipment.