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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of the DAN School of Drama and Music

Our Vision

The Dan School of Drama and Music in Queen’s University strives to earn its reputation as one of the world’s preeminent centres for the research, study and creation of drama, music and music theatre.

Our Mission

The Dan School upholds a liberal arts commitment to nurturing and mentoring tomorrow’s cultural leaders through a holistic education in which scholarship and creative practice exist in a symbiotic relationship. In principle, the Dan School embraces all the many disciplines that collaborate to realize the professional performing arts, a commitment that is reflected in the range of programs we offer.

Through our research and teaching we encourage those in our community, especially our students, to discover a meaningful and dignified place in the broader world, by educating their imaginations and encouraging them to think creatively in an ever more digitized, globalized, diverse and inclusive society. 

  • To comprehend through both teaching and research the whole of the practice of music and theatre.
  • To foster a broad range of mental skills through multidisciplinary activities.
  • To cultivate a total student experience involving and enormous cultural range.
  • To educate students’ imaginations in order to help them become more resourceful and adaptable to a changing world.
  • To help make sense of the world through the lens of the performing arts. In essence, to explore the question: What does it mean to be human?
  • To foster awareness of the entrepreneurial aspects integral to the performing arts.
  • Breadth of activity going on in the School, including range of courses.
  • Faculty who have achieved international profiles through their creative work and research, as seen through reach of publications, and wide-ranging collaborations.
  • Reputation of the School may be measured by the volume, quality and scope of applicants.
  • Synergies and collaborations with professional and community groups
  • Being an engine of new works and innovations.
  • Work that is created by graduates that contributes to the professional performing arts and academia at large.
  • The extent to which students become ‘renaissance people’ in their careers and lives.
  • Students’ imaginations have been educated such that they feel prepared to deal with and adapt to changes in the world.
  • Conversations and collaborations between performers and all the other various disciplines involved in music theatre.
  • A strong Diversity, Equity and Planning (DEAP) scorecard.
  1. Establish a world class program encompassing the mission of the School and offering a wide variety of paths for students with a range of interests.
  2. Develop an international profile through marketing that advances our image and reputation as a world-class program.
  3. Ensure that within Queen’s the Dan School is seen as an indispensable part of the Queen’s brand and central role to the University experience.
  4. Build the number of concentrators in the BMus, BA in Music and BA in Drama plans.
  5. Expansion of graduate programs to include academic MA and PhD degrees.
  6. Foster and promote a vibrant research community, including both faculty and students, within the Dan School.
  7. Use faculty renewal as an opportunity to reach our aspirational goals and to increase bring the representation of diversity among our faculty more into line with that of the Canadian workforce.
  8. Convert ENIN elective students into QEIC Certificate concentrators (in order to ensure the pedagogical viability of the program and also to realize the incremental revenue benefits of the Certificate).
  9. Commence plans for a new building for the Dan School in which the various programs and all faculty can be co-located in order to better facilitate communication, collaboration and efficiency.