Undergraduate Students

Courses of Instruction

As a student in the DAN School, you can take a variety of courses in Drama, Music, Music Theatre, or Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Courses at Queen's have a subject code and a number. The Subject codes for DAN School courses are as follows:

  • DRAM=Drama courses
  • MUSC=Music courses
  • MUTH=Music Theatre courses or courses that are related to Music and Drama
  • MAPP=Media and Performance Practice courses
  • ENIN=Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses

The number refers to the level of the course. For example, DRAM 100 is our first-year Drama course, and MUTH 104 is an Introductory Music course.

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Selecting Courses

The full list of courses offered at the DAN School is in the Arts and Science course calendar. The DAN School offers a subset of these courses each year. Current students enrol in courses through SOLUS, which you can find at my.queensu.ca. The list of courses being offered at the DAN School for the 2024-25 academic year can be found here.

Some courses will have a prerequisite. Prerequisite requirements outline the prior knowledge and experience that you need, in part, to be successful in the course. The prerequisites for some courses are the completion of a successful audition.

You can find detailed enrolment and audition information on the Ensemble and Production Auditions page. If you feel that you have prior knowledge from your non-course experiences and would like the School to consider waiving the prerequisite, please complete this form to request help adding a course




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