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The Bachelor of Music degree is a conservatory-style program in which students spend four years intensively studying their instrument of choice (or voice) while also taking a variety of other practical and theoretical music courses as well as electives in other subjects.

The Bachelor of Arts degree has many options at the Dan School including a major, a minor and a medial in both subjects. This can be achieved in any combination within the Dan School (i.e. Drama and Music subjects) or with most subjects within the Faculty of Arts & Science (i.e. Drama and Psychology).

The Bachelor of Music Theatre program is a Queen’s University degree that is presented in partnership with St. Lawrence College (Brockville). Students in this program complete an intensive training in singing, acting and dancing in the first two years of this degree at St. Lawrence and complete the final two years at Queen’s.

The Concurrent Education program (B.Mus/B.Ed or B.A./B.Ed. ) is available for those in the B.Mus or the B.A program (Music or Drama). The Concurrent Education program allows students to pursue their undergraduate degree while also taking courses towards a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). The B.Ed leads to certification to teach in Ontario public schools at the elementary or secondary level.

The Masters (MA) in Arts Leadership and Graduate Diploma in Arts Management are graduate credentials that are usually taken by those who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree in the arts or liberal arts or who have a demonstrated interest in the subject.

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Is it possible to apply for more than one degree at a time?

Yes! You may apply simultaneously for admission into the Bachelor of Music degree program (which requires an audition), the Bachelor of Music Theatre (requires an audition) and the Bachelor of Arts degree.