Undergraduate Students

Ensemble Auditions

Do you play an instrument or sing? Our ensembles are open to all Queen's students!

Hone your collaboration and team-work skills in a music ensemble! The experience of co-creating music is unparalleled in the way it brings joy and stretches the mind. At the DAN School, we offer a range of ensemble experiences to anyone within the Queen’s community with participants including students, faculty, and staff members. Ensembles regularly participate in collaborations with professional performers, and composers, including with the Kingston Symphony Orchestra. 

Undergraduate students within the Faculty of Arts and Science can enrol in an ensemble for a course credit of 1.5 units upon completing a successful audition/application. All ensembles are scheduled to run through the Fall and Winter terms and to receive credit, students must participate in both terms. Students may register for credit in a maximum of three ensembles per year.

Large Ensembles

There are four large ensembles offered at Queen's - Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Choral Ensemble. Students can enrol in this course for credit (1.5 units) or they can elect to take this course as a non-credit student. The fee to participate as a non-credit student is $200. This fee can be paid at the DAN School office in Harrison-LeCaine Hall. 

Ensemble courses are full-year courses, so all credit- and non-credit students are expected to participate for both the Fall and Winter Terms. 

Students who want to participate will need to submit an application form and audition video by June 22, 2024. Learn more about each ensemble and audition requirements:

Small Ensembles

Students can form small groups where they learn works and are coached by a faculty member. Students can either form a group with other students and apply as a group or apply as an individual. Small (Chamber) Ensembles can play any style of music – classical, contemporary, music theatre, sonic arts, etc.

Students must submit an audition by June 22, 2024.The Small Ensemble course is a full-year course, with a credit of 1.5 units, so all students are expected to participate for both the Fall and Winter Terms. This course cannot be taken as a non-credit course. 


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