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ARTL 801 Arts Marketing

3.0 Units, Summer, Baldwin

Learn about audience development, market research, marketing budgets and forecasts, and more.

Students will apply the principles of audience development, audience diversity, arts marketing and multiple income-generating streams; generate marketing plans; market research; implement all aspects of arts marketing handled in an arts marketing department.

Active learning projects include generating marketing budgets and forecasts using analytics and metrics, and creating a strategic marketing plan.

This course includes a capstone project which will be a group investigative field study of an arts organization and best arts marketing practices (national and international) that culminates in a final written and oral presentation which will include recommendations to the arts organization being examined

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ARTL 802 Arts Philanthropy

3.0 Units, Summer, Vanderhoof

ARTL 804 Artistic Producing

1.5 Unit each, Summer, Wheeler

Students will be introduced to the role of Artistic Producer, which combines the positions of Artistic Director and General Manager. Concepts and skills covered will include strategic planning and execution, mapping and realizing artistic vision, management of day-to-day operations, and planning and critical paths for various organizational sizes.

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ARTL 806 Strategic Leadership and Funding

1.5 Unit each, Fall, Bradley

This course introduces concepts and models of leadership and governance, including legal and fiduciary responsibilities, funding strategies, and organizational evaluation. Students will learn about developing mission and vision statements, working with a Board of Directors, and navigating cultural policies. Projects will include work on leadership approaches, strategic planning, and grant writing. We will take advantage of the small class size to focus on particular areas of interest within the overall topics that appeal most to class members.

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ARTL 808 Contract Negotiations

1.5 Units  , Summer, Antoncic

Students will acquire a working knowledge of the rights and needs of artists, artist unions and associations, relevant requirements of labour law, AODA and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, collective bargaining process, and negotiating contracts.

Students will learn to plan negotiation approach within a contractual framework, utilize critical analytical thinking within a legal framework, succeed in a team-based environment, learn communication and persuasive skills, analyze financial and other impacts of contractual amendments, create a contract, and present a contract for ratification.

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ARTL 810 Capstone

6.0 Units, Winter, various

Students will be required to secure their own work practicum, and the program has incorporated a budget for Genovese, Vanderhoof and Associates (who specialize in arts placements and who have a track recording in internship placements) to assist them in this process.

Students will report to a faculty supervisor from the School of Drama and Music. The practicum / research report represents the culmination of the student’s learning to apply and integrate the knowledge garnered from the program.

In addition to obtaining experiential learning within an arts organization, students will write a research project report that will include an in-depth strategic review encompassing artistic vision, audience development, revenue and business development, governance and human resources, financial analysis and the external environment.

This research project report will also include recommendations that can contribute to the future success of the organization. Through their practicum, the Masters students will gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge; observe and analyze problems and solutions in a professional arts setting; interact with arts colleagues in a professional environment and in a wide range of activities; be able to find, analyze, evaluate, select and integrate information using various industry sources and from critical judgements through the preparation of the final research report on an arts institution; and gain insight into their future role and career interests in the arts.

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ARTL 814 Creative Entrepreneurship

3.0 Units ,  Fall, Wheeler

This course will be of interest to graduate students across the disciplines. It offers a primer on personal and organizational creativity, and is designed to support participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

On completing the course students will have a broad understanding of the methods and skills needed for individual, corporate and non-profit innovation.

The course uses a design thinking method to assist learners to imagine model, and communicate ideas for new creative products, processes, services, business models, and ventures.

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ARTL 875/MIR 875 Finance and Accounting for HR/LR

3.0 Units, Summer, Farrington

Course Description:

Students will acquire a foundation of financial and management accounting knowledge necessary for managing an arts organization with fiscal expertise.

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles and skills in accounting and finance that are relevant to employment relations specialists. Topic areas may vary from year to year but typically include financial concepts, statements and tools, principles of accounting, budgeting processes, financial forecasting, costing and reporting and the regulatory regime.

This course is offered online from September 5 to November 29.

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ARTL 890 Directed Study

Fall, Various

Course Code Course Name Term Instructor
ARTL 801 Arts Marketing S Baldwin
ARTL 802 Arts Philanthropy S Vanderhoof
ARTL 804 Artistic Producing S Wheeler
ARTL 806 Strategic Leadership and Funding F Bradley
ARTL 808 Contract Negotiations S Antoncic
ARTL 810 Capstone W Various
ARTL 814 Creative Entrepreneurship F Wheeler
ARTL 875 Finance and Accounting for HR/LR S Farrington
ARTL 890 Directed Study F Various


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