Queen's University

Course Listings for 2020-21

Course Code Course Name Term Instructor
ARTL 801 Arts Marketing F Baldwin
ARTL 802 Arts Philanthropy F Vanderhoff
ARTL 804 Artistic Producing F Wheeler
ARTL 808 Contract Negotiations F Wanless
ARTL 875 Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Managers F Farrington
ARTL 806 Strategic Leadership and Funding W TBA
ARTL 890 Directed Study W Various
ARTL 814 Creative Entrepreneurship W Wheeler
ARTL 810 Capstone N Various


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Contract Negotiations

Students will acquire a working knowledge of the rights and needs of artists, artist unions and associations, relevant requirements of labour law, AODA and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, collective bargaining process, and negotiating contracts.

Artistic Producing

Students will be introduced to the role of Artistic Producer, which combines the positions of Artistic Director and General Manager.

Arts Marketing

Learn about audience development, market research, marketing budgets and forecasts, and more.

Arts Philanthropy

Learn about foundation and individual fundraising strategy, grant writing, sponsorship, major gift donor cultivation, and more.