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At the Dan School of Drama and Music, research reaches across disciplinary borders and inspires new standards of intellectual and creative activity. Our faculty members are artists and scholars of national and international stature who engage in a wide range of projects, performances, and productions. Whether collaborating or working solo, we write books and articles, compose music, write plays, and edit journals. We direct theatre productions, conduct ensembles, produce sound installations, engage in research creation, and perform everywhere from proscenium halls to community centres and online spaces. Fueled by creativity and curiosity, the artist-scholars at the Dan School are always involved in something new. Together we create a learning environment designed to inspire exploration, engagement, and creative innovation.

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“Colonial Representation or Historical Authenticity? Analysis of “A Hindostanee Dance.” by Margaret Walker. 

Paper presented at the “Musicology in the Age of (Post)Globalization” conference at the Barry S. Brook Centre, City University of New York, April 6.

"'For Some Melodies, There are No Words': Memory, Affect, and the Limits of History's Linguistic Turn in Heggie and Scheer's Out of Darkness" by Colleen Renihan.

Seminar presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for American Music Kansas City, MO, March 1-4, 2018. Dr. Renihan was received the 2018 Cambridge University Press Award for this work. 

Why violence in video games isn’t really a problem. by Stephanie Lind.

Do video games increase violent behaviour?  A music scholar who has focused on how musical elements contribute to immersion in video games explores the issue. In The Conversation

String Quartet no. 1 by Michel Szczesniak

Michel Szczesniak's String Quartet no. 1 was performed on February 25, 2018 by the Isabel String Quartet at the Isabel Centre as part of the Faculty Artist Series.

“Generational Frictions in Musical Ethnography of South Asia.”

Special theme issue of MUSICultures co-edited by Margaret Walker and Kaley Mason (BMus ’99). Nine peer-reviewed articles by ten authors.

See the cover and table of contents right here

"Music of champions: How CBC and NBC Olympic themes shape our differences." by Kip Pegley.

In The Conversation: online here

"The State of our Trouble" by Julie Salverson.

Keynote Address and Workshop at Brock University. Drama in Education and Applied Theatre Symposium 2018. Flyer here.