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At the Dan School of Drama and Music, research reaches across disciplinary borders and inspires new standards of intellectual and creative activity. Our faculty members are artists and scholars of national and international stature who engage in a wide range of projects, performances, and productions. Whether collaborating or working solo, we write books and articles, compose music, write plays, and edit journals. We direct theatre productions, conduct ensembles, produce sound installations, engage in research creation, and perform everywhere from proscenium halls to community centres and online spaces.

Fuelled by creativity and curiosity, the artist-scholars at the Dan School are always involved in something new.
Together we create a learning environment designed to inspire exploration, engagement, and creative innovation.


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Dan School Advisory Board:

A distinguished group of leading professionals in music and theatre who advise the Director of the School of Drama and Music on matters of visiting artists and curricular innovation and provide liaison with the profession.

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Isabel String Quartet:

The Dan School of Drama and Music has established our own string quartet for many reasons. Certainly, one hope is that the fine example of the Isabel Quartet will help us to recruit the very best string players to the Queen’s Bachelor of Music program.

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