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“Twenty-four Preludes composed by John Burge and presented in lecture-recital; Ten Approaches to Creativity: A Canadian Composers Works with a Snowdrift presentation by Burge; and Preparing Your Students for Careers in Music (panel discussion including Burge). All part of the Royal Conservatory of Music's Summer Summit, Toronto, 11-12 August, 2018.

Dr. John Burge was featured clinician that the Royal Conservatory of Music's Summer-Summit on the weekend of August 11-12, 2018 in Toronto. His contributions included a lecture/performance of the entire set of Burge’s Twenty-four Preludes for solo piano and a presentation titled, Ten Approaches to Creativity: A Canadian Composers Works with a Snowdrift. He also participated in a panel discussion on, Preparing Your Students for Careers in Music.

“Walking Toward: Writing about Japan” by Julie Salverson and Peter C. van Wyck

Paper presented at the Return to Hiroshima Symposium at University of Toronto, 6 August 2018.

Junior Piano Masterclass. Conducted by Dina Namer. 

At the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Annual Convention, University of Ottawa 28 July

Using Photo Elicitation to Examine Students’ Perceptions of a Sistema-Inspired Program by Julia Brook and Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina.

A paper presented at the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Research Commission at the Canadian University Dubai. Dubai, UAE. 9 July. http://isme.cud.ac.ae/

Of human spatial architectonics: production maquettes by Michael Levine. By Natalie Rewa.

2018. Theatre and Performance Design, 4:1-2, 36-50, DOI:10.1080/23322551.2018.1467609

❖ This is our music: Exploring an Elementary Rock-Based Music Program. by Julia Brook, Robb Mackay, & Chris Trimmer.

Paper presented at the Progressive Popular Music Education Conference at Western University. London, Ontario, 9 June http://www.music.uwo.ca/outreach/symposium-on-progressive-methods.html

❖ Diversity and Inclusion: Towards a Decolonized Music History Curriculum by Margaret Walker.

Paper presented at the Teaching Music History Conference, Terre Haute Indiana, 8 June.

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