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Application Process for Music Theatre Students

Step One: Apply to Queen's

Detailed information on applying to Queen’s University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre is available on the Queen’s Admissions website.

Admission into our direct entry Music Theatre program (BMT) includes both the required application to Queen’s Music Theatre (QMT) through the OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre) website (ouac.on.ca) and an audition at Queen’s. Secondary School prerequisites include: Six 4U and 4M courses with an overall average of at least 78%. Must include English 4U and a minimum of one additional 4U course.

Step Two: Book Your Audition

Audition Information can be found at


If you’re interested in applying to our Music Theatre – Performance program, we would love to have you come to our Brockville campus and experience our program as student-for-a-day. Contact  to arrange a date and time.

*Please contact MusicTheatre@sl.on.ca if you have any other questions. 

Electronic Auditions

If you can’t audition in person, you can submit an electronic audition. The cost of the audition is $50.00 PREPAID. Submissions are accepted from February 1 to August 15. Follow the steps for booking and paying your audition.

  • Send us a YouTube video that includes all required audition elements.
  • In your YouTube video, ensure you present a classical plié, a classical tendu, a single or double pirouette right and left side, a time step and a one-minute dance combination of the musical theatre genre.
  • Download instructions for How to Create an Unlisted YouTube Video (pdf) or follow these instructions to help you.
  • Send your completed YouTube video to MusicTheatre@sl.on.ca

Audition Requirements

(these have changed slightly for the 2022 auditions)
  • Be prepared to sing two songs; one ballad and one up tempo. Choose something that is appropriate to your character, personality type, and age. Live accompaniment or Karaoke tracks are both acceptable for the singing portion of the audition. 
  • Prepare a -1- minute musical theatre dance combination (a video sample is available by request to musictheatre@sl.on.ca )
  • A one minute monologue is requried.
  • Read our tips for a successful audition

Audition Tips

❖ The acting and singing portion of the audition is about 3-4 minutes in length. You may be waiting a long time until the panel sees you. Bring a book or something to occupy your time so you don’t increase your nerves as you wait. This is a great time to talk to the student monitors about campus life, the individual courses, or other questions about the program.

 Everyone feels nervous when they audition. Try to channel your nervous energy positively as excitement, rather than negatively as fear.

❖ We want you to succeed! The panel is on your side and will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and supported. The unknown can cause stress, so combat the fear of the unknown with proper preparation.

Preparation Tips

 Have your music in a 1 inch, round ring binder, double sided. Photocopied music is easier for the accompanist than bound songbooks.

 Try to keep your audition songs to about a minute each. 1 minute = 32 bars in length (ballad) or 64 bars for an up-tempo

 Keep your presentation simple, with little to no staging of your audition pieces. We want to focus on you, your talent, and your potential.

 Choose material you connect with and truly love to perform so you can share that excitement with the panel.

❖ Take a moment by yourself to visualize your successful performance before you go in the room, leaving the energy of the waiting room behind.

❖ Take some deep breaths before you walk in the audition room to centre yourself

 Dress neatly, as you would for a job interview, but please feel free to express yourself and show us what makes you unique. ·

❖ Practice in your shoes (especially if you are not used to wearing heels, for example) so there are no surprises on the day.

 Be prepared to chat about why you are choosing this career and how you approach your work as a student and as an artist.

 Bring appropriate clothes for the dance call. If you don’t have proper dance shoes, sneakers are fine. You should be able to move freely and feel confident and comfortable.

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