Audition and Application Information

Different ensembles have different audition requirements.  

Specific requirements can be found on the individual ensemble website pages.  

All auditions/applications will be submitted through the 2023-24 DAN SCHOOL ENSEMBLE APPLICATION AND AUDITION FORM.


This audition/application is a four-step process: 

  1. You should first check the audition/application requirements found under each ensemble webpage. 

  1. If any of your ensembles require an audition (Choral Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Multi-Genre Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble), you should record your audition(s) and upload them to an online video hosting service of your choice (for example, a private YouTube Channel, a Microsoft OneDrive Account, Google Drive etc. and generate a link that can be viewed by the ensemble director.  

  1. You should then complete the 2023-24 DAN SCHOOL ENSEMBLE APPLICATION AND AUDITION FORM for the ensemble(s) you are interested in joining. If you are interested in auditioning for more than one ensemble, please only complete ONE form but indicate your preference by ranking the ensembles under consideration.  Other factors for placement in an ensemble are contingent upon the number of positions available. 

  1. As part of the application, you will be asked for the link(s) to your recorded audition(s). Paste the link(s) to your audition video(s) into the correct box. If you are applying to multiple ensembles that require an audition, for example, Choral Ensemble and Orchestra, you must submit two links – one to each of your audition recordings.  

Please note, students are unable to add ensemble courses on SOLUS on their own. Successful students will be added to the ensemble(s) after the audition process is completed by the DAN School Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Submitting the online application and audition form provides the DAN School with permission to add a student directly to an ensemble. 

It is the student’s responsibility to check SOLUS to ensure that they are registered in the correct ensemble prior to the ADD/DROP deadline for FW courses. As needed, students should contact for resolving any concerns.