Queen's University
New at the Dan School of Drama and Music: 
Queen's Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity (QEIC) 

| Certificate Details | Academic Advisor: Sidneyeve Matrix |

Selected Courses:
Foundations of Entrepreneurship

ENIN 200: Theory + Practice

Creative Entrepreneurship

ENIN 301: Innovation via Left & Right Brain Thinking


ENIN 340: "Thinking Inside the Box"

Technical Entrepreneurship

CHEE 302: Science & Technology Innovation Across Sectors

Public Relations

ENIN 204: Strategies for Publicity & Promotion

Design Thinking

ENIN 140: "Think to Build, Build to Think"

Envisioning Disruptive Technologies

ENIN 207: Understanding the Velocity of Technological Progress

Explorations in Creativity

ENIN 240: Enhance Your Creative Confidence

Innovation for STEAM

ENIN 205: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics