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The Stage and Screen (STSC) Specialization has been redesigned as Media and Performance Production (MAPP) Specialization.  Students currently enrolled in the Stage and Screen Specialization will still be able to complete this degree but some of the required courses have been renamed as MAPP courses.
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Degree Plans for New MAPP Students
FAQ and Degree Plans for Former STSC Students
What is MAPP?



Q: Can students currently enrolled in the Stage & Screen specialization complete the original STSC specialization? 

A: Yes. You’re ‘grandfathered’ in to the STSC specialization and it won’t change unless you notify us that you’d like to switch into the new MAPP specialization.


Q: Can students currently enrolled in the Stage & Screen specialization switch into MAPP?

A: Yes. If you switch from STSC to MAPP, ‘Media and Performance Production’ will appear on your degree certificate instead of ‘Stage and Screen.’ 


Q: How do students switch or enroll into the MAPP specialization?

A: Follow instructions outlined here on the Arts & Science website or contact Undergraduate & Graduate Assistant, Stephanie.Wilson@queensu.ca


Q: Do MAPP courses count towards my STSC specialization? 

A: Yes. Going forward, there will no longer be STSC-coded courses, so the new MAPP-coded courses will count towards your specialization instead. 


Q: What other FILM, DRAM, and MUTH courses count towards the new MAPP specialization? 

A: See new program requirements document for course codes provided as a pdf on this page.


Q: Will STSC-coded courses still be offered?

A: No, STSC-coded courses have been re-worked and re-coded as MAPP courses.

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Wilson, Film and Media Studies Undergraduate and Graduate Assistant


Scott MacKenzie, Film and Media Studies Undergraduate Chair


John Burge, Dan School of Drama and Music Undergraduate Chair